How To Remove ‘Folder Options’ Menu Item From Tools Menu In Windows XP

‘Folder Options’ in Windows Explorer is very useful utility, we use it to hide our important files and folders. This prevents unauthorized access to our important data. But the people who know about Folder Options, can un-hide/see your hidden files and folders.

This Tutorial shows how to remove Folder Options… menu item from Tools menu in Windows Explorer.

To hide Folder Options, follow these steps-

Step 1

We will be using Group Policy Editor for this purpose. First go to Start, select Run. In Run window, type gpedit.msc and press Enter.


In Group Policy Editor go to following path-

User Configuration > Administrative templates > Windows Component > Windows Explorer 


Step 2

In the right pane, select third option “Removes the Folder Options menu item from Tools menu


Double-click on Removes the Folder Options menu item from Tools menu, in right pane. In newly opened window click on Radio-button next to Enabled option and then click on Apply and OK. Now close all open windows.


Step 3

Now Restart or Logoff Windows, and open My Computer and click on Tools menu, and see there is no Folder Options menu item.


Undo Changes

To show Folder Options menu, just follow up to Step 4 but this time click on Radio-button next to Disabled and click on Apply and then OK. Now restart your Windows and you will see Folder Options in Tools menu.


You can easily remove or add Folder Options menu item in Tools menu in Windows XP using this simple method. Should you face any problems, write in comments.

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