How to Reset your PC using Recovery in Windows 10

Windows 10 is really good at recovering from issues that may prevent it from working correctly. But sometimes, it may need manual intervention to recover from unexpected behavior. So, you can use Recovery options to reset your Windows 10 PC in such situations.

Incompatible drivers and software may cause system crashes and unexpected behavior. And system crash may lead to an inoperable state of your PC. So, in such situations, you can use System Restore utility if you have restore points already available. But if you don’t have any restore points, then only option you can use is to reset your PC using Recovery options in Windows 10.

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Reset your Windows 10 PC using Recovery Options

So, in this tutorial shows how to use ‘Reset this PC’ option in Recovery Settings in Windows 10. And this process also works with Windows 8/8.1. So, let’s start:

Step 1: Open Update & Security Settings

Open Settings app by clicking on Start button and select Settings.

Click On Start And Select Settings
Click on Start and select Settings

Next, click on Update & Security to open Windows update and Security settings.

In Settings Click On Update And Security
Click On Update & Security

Step 2: Click ‘Get Started’ under Reset this PC

In Update & Security window, click on Recovery in the left-pane. Here, you will see Reset this PC and Advanced Startup options on the right-pane. You may also see another third option Go Back to Windows 8.1/Windows 7 if you have upgraded to Windows 10 within 30 days. Click on Get Started button under Reset this PC on the right side.

Click On Recovery On Left Pane And Then Click On Get Started Under Reset This Pc
Click on Get Started under Reset This PC

Step 3: Select option to Keep or Remove Files

Now, you will have two options, Keep my files and Remove everything. So, if you want to keep your personal files, you can select first option. And if you want to clean everything on C drive and reinstall Windows 10, select the second option.

Select Options To Keep Files Or Remove Everything
Select option to Keep Files or Remove Everything

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Step 4: Click Reset after selecting to Keep or Remove files

Depending upon the option you select, you will see choices for keeping or removing your data.

  • Keep my files:
    If you select this option, Windows will not delete your personal files but it will remove installed programs. Additionally, setup will reinstall Windows and reset all settings to default. You can also view the apps that setup will remove.
Reset This Pc Keep My Files
Reset This PC – Keep My Files
  • Remove everything:
    If you select second option to remove everything, the setup will delete all your programs and files from C (Windows drive). However, you will have option to Change settings. Now, click Next to continue to next step.
Reset This Pc Remove Everything Step 1
Reset This PC – Remove Everything Step 1

Finally, you will see summary of the actions. So, just click on Reset button to reset your PC using Recovery options in Windows 10.

Reset This Pc Remove Everything Click Reset
Reset This PC – Remove Everything > Click Reset

Step 5: Reset your PC in Progress

Now, you are ready to reset your PC using Recovery options. So, after verifying the things that you want to keep or remove, click on Reset button to start. Windows 10 will start preparing to reset your PC.

Preparing To Reset
Preparing to Reset

After that, you PC will restart. After restarting your PC, Windows 10 setup will clean the drive and re-install Windows.

Resetting this PC
Resetting this PC

Step 6: Recovery Successful

After successful recovery and reinstallation of Windows 10, depending upon your selection in STEP 4, you will either see login screen or initial Windows 10 setup screen.

  • If you have selected Keep my files in STEP 4, all your personal files will remain intact. But all your Apps and Programs will be removed and Windows 10 will be reinstalled. So, you will have to reinstall them.
  • And if you have selected Remove everything in STEP 4, all your personal files, apps and programs will be removed. And Windows 10 will be reinstalled from scratch. So, you will have to setup your user account again and install all your apps and programs again.
Windows 10 login screen lock screen
Recovery Successful

Recover Windows 10 using Recovery Options

Above tutorial explained, how you can reset your PC using Recovery options in Windows 10. If your PC was recovered successfully, your PC will run like a new one. So, go ahead and reinstall your apps and programs. If the recovery was not successful then you can always install a clean copy of Windows 10 from scratch.

Hope you liked this tutorial. Feel free to share your queries and suggestions in the comment section down below.

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