How To Send Secret Message By Hiding Text Into Image

You must have heard about encryption techniques to send the message so that nobody else can understand the message. Have you ever tried sending encrypted message to your friends? You should give it a try. This is very cool trick to send your messages secretly. The messages sent using this method are completely safe and can’t be easily decrypted unless you know the right method.

Feeling like hacker already? This method sends the message by embedding it into the image file. So, unintended receiver sees the image only. However, receiver can decrypt the message only if he knows the method to decode the secret message. Let’s check how to embed text into image and send a secret message to your friend.

What do we need:

  • A sample image. Any format will work. You can take your own pic.
  • Command Prompt

How To Send Secret Message By Hiding Text Into Image?

Step 1

First get your Sample Image Ready. You can copy your image to desktop or to some other folder. You must make note of filename and extension. In my case filename is “Hellpc” and extension is “.png“, so my sample file is “Hellpc.png“.

Step 2

Open command prompt. Press Windows Key + R to launch RUN utility, type cmd and press Enter.

In Command Prompt, navigate to the folder containing the sample image. In my case it is Desktop.

Step 3

Now, type following command in command prompt and press Enter to embed your Message into sample image.

echo "This is Secret message by Hell PC!">>Hellpc.png


echo This command prints text entered next to it
This is Secret message by Hell PC! This is the message that you want to embed into image file. You can change it according to you
>> Adds the input to the end of file
Hellpc.png Name of file to which you want to add the message

Click here for more CMD commands.

Your message has been embedded into image. You can send it to your friend and don’t forget to tell him the way to decrypt it. Anybody else won’t be able to recover message from that image. Your message is completely confidential.

Now, let’s see how to decrypt the message.

Step 4

Decoding of message is simple. You don’t need Command prompt for that. You just need to open that image in Notepad. Right-click the image and click Open with >> Choose another app. (Click on Open with >> Choose default program… for Windows 7).

From the list of programs, select Notepad and click Open. Do not tick the check box next to Always use this program to open ..

Image file will open in Notepad, you will see scrambled text. Don’t worry, just scroll down to very last line of the code and at the end of last line, you will find your Message.

So, you see how simple and safe is this method. You can start playing with your friends right now, just embed the message into image and send. If you face problems with this, just comment below. Enjoy, Secret messages!

Note: Do not make modifications (resize, crop, compress or encrypt)  to the image otherwise message will be lost.

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