How To Setup Your Computer to Speak Welcome Message on Logon

Whenever we start our computer, it shows us a welcome screen. Don’t you think that is not good enough. You can also set your computer to speak a welcome message for you like, “Welcome back, Dear!” Well that’s not very tough either. We can easily do this by using a visual basic script. This script turns text into speech. The script is not very long and complex, it’s very short and simple.

This tutorial shows, how to setup your computer to greet you on Windows logon. You don’t need to learn any programming languages for writing this script. We will be using simple visual basic script which doesn’t require any programming knowledge. Let’s see how to do it.

How to make your Computer Speak Welcome Message on Logon?

Step 1

First open Notepad. Just click on Start and search Notepad, from search results click on Notepad.

Step 2

Copy following code in Notepad-

Dim welcome
set welcome=CreateObject("sapi.spvoice")
welcome.speak "Welcome back YourName"

You can replace YourName by your name. You can also set your custom message.

Step 3

Now save this file as welcome.vbs.  Press Ctrl + S and choose All Files from file type dropdown list. And type welcome.vbs in file name field. Click on Save. The extension .vbs is necessary to make it work.

After saving you can Close the Notepad.

Step 4

Now you will have a VB Script file. You can test it by double-clicking it. If you hear a voice, then it’s working fine.

How To Setup Your Computer to Speak Welcome Message on Logon - test script

Step 5

Now copy this file to Startup folder on your computer.

  • For Windows 7, go to Start > Programs and right-click on Startup folder and click Open.
  • For Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10 open RUN (press Windows Key + R), type “shell:startup” and press Enter. It will open Startup folder in Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10.
How To Setup Your Computer to Speak Welcome Message on Logon - startup folder

Now copy that welcome.vbs file to this Startup folder and close it.

You are done here.

Make your Computer Greet you on Login

Next time when you will start your computer, it will definitely greet you. You can set your custom message in place of “Welcome back YourName” and it will speak that message. You can use this trick to impress your friends. Enjoy your speaking computer! Write in comments if you have any problems.

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