How To Share Printer In Local Area Network (LAN)

If you have worked in a corporate company, you must have used Network printers for printing documents. Network printers are costly and small companies usually don’t consider buying them for their offices. They simply buy small USB printer for particular cabin or department. That printer is usually connected to a computer and whenever somebody wants to print a document, he/she approaches that computer and print document using that computer. But if there is more document printing work in that department, it may cause problems. People don’t like others to bother them. Everyone coming to you and asking you for printing their documents will definitely irritate you.

So, what to do in such scenario? Ask your manager to buy another printer? That may not be considered easily. This tutorial is the solution to such problems. You can use your colleague’s printer to print your documents without even going to their desk! Yes, it is possible. Windows Printer sharing provides this facility.

You can share your friends printer. Not only you, everyone in the same Local Area Network can share single USB printer connected to a computer.

Follow these steps to learn how to share your colleague’s printer on LAN.

What do we require: 

  • LAN connectivity to that computer.
  • IP address of the computer to which Printer is connected. And also the Name of the printer.

How to share your colleague’s printer on LAN?

Step 1

First you have to enable File and printer sharing in both the computers. Right-click on Network icon on the bottom right corner of your desktop and select “Open Network and Sharing Center“.

Network and Sharing Center will open, click on “Change advanced sharing settings” in the left pane.

In Advanced sharing settings, you have to change two settings i.e. Turn on network discovery and Turn on file and printer sharing. Check the radio buttons next to these two settings and click on Save changes. You may require Administrator’s Permission for this, click Yes if prompted.

You have enabled Printer and file sharing in your computer. Now, go to the computer that has printer attached to it and enable Printer and file sharing in that computer also.

Step 2

In your computer, click on Start button  type “control panel” and click on Control Panel in search results.

Control Panel will open.

Step 3

In Control Panel, search devices and printers and click on first Result as shown in image below.

In Devices and Printers window, click on Add a printer button.

Windows will look for printers attached to your PC but the printer is not directly attached to your PC. So, you have to do it the other way. Click on the link at the bottom of search window, “Printer that I want isn’t listed“.

Step 4

New window will open where your will see list of available options to connect a printer, click on “Select a shared printer by name” and type address of the printer in the box provided. The format you should enter in the box is,

\\<ipaddress of colleague's computer>\<PrinterName>

In this tutorial is IP address of colleague’s computer and HP LaserJet P1008 is the printer name. Click Next to proceed.

Windows will connect to the printer and you will be prompted for the credentials of the other computer. Enter Username and Password of that computer and click OK.

Printer installation will continue.

Driver for that printer will be installed. Click on Install driver button to continue driver installation.

Windows will copy driver files to your computer.

You may see UAC prompt while installation, click OK to continue installation.

Step 5

Your printer has been installed successfully. You can now print your documents using this printer without going to your colleague’s computer. Click Next to continue.

You can now print a test page by clicking Print a test page button and click Finish to exit the wizard.

Now, that printer will be listed among your printers. You can use this printer to print your documents directly from your computer.

Whenever you want to print a document, press Ctrl + P, and in print dialog box, select recently connected printer and click Print. Please note that your colleague’s computer must be turned on in order to use that printer from your computerIf you face any problems regarding printer installation, comment below.

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