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How To Burn ISO To Disc With Command Prompt (CMD)

This tutorial shows, how to burn disc image (ISO file) to CD/DVD disc using command prompt. We will be accessing Windows default disc image burner utility via command prompt. This facility is available only in Windows 7 or newer. Previous versions of Windows don’t have “Windows disc image burner” utility but Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10 have this utility. The application that we are going to use …

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A to Z List of Windows CMD Commands

Microsoft Windows’ Command Prompt is very powerful tool. You can quickly and easily perform a task using CMD commands. But learning all those commands is really tough task itself. So, we have compiled the list of all Windows CMD commands arranged alphabetically. You can also download Windows CMD commands PDF file. Download link is given at the end of the post. There are two download links …

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How to Enable Telnet Client In Windows 10

“Telnet is a protocol that allows you to connect to remote computers over a TCP/IP network (such as the Internet)“. You can make a connection to a telnet server (i.e., the remote host), using telnet client software on your computer. It the IT field, telnet is mostly used for checking if the TCP ports between two nodes are open or not. There are several software …

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