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Here’s How to Set Google Chrome as the Default Browser in iOS 14

With iOS 14, Apple finally opened up its walled garden just a little bit to allow users to choose their own default web browsers and email clients. Well, after months of iOS 14 being in beta, Google has finally pushed out an update to Chrome that allows you to set it as a default browser on your iPhone. So, here is how to set Google …

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How to Use the Redesigned iPhone Magnifier in iOS 14

Apple has put more emphasis on improving Accessibility in iOS 14. While the introduction of “Headphone Audio Customization” and “Back Tap” has added new functionalities to the already feature-rich suite, the redesigned magnifier has made the utility more helpful. For a change, the digital magnifying glass is no longer buried deep into the Settings. Now, you can use the redesigned magnifier on your iPhone/iPad in …

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How to Quickly Find Out If an iPhone is Unlocked in iOS 14

There could be multiple reasons why you may want to verify if an iPhone is unlocked or not. Maybe you want to make sure that the iPhone you are willing to buy doesn’t have any carrier restriction or maybe you are trying to switch to another carrier network and wish to ensure that there is no network provider lock. Whatever your personal reason is, the …

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How to Remove Contact Suggestion from Share Sheet in iOS 14

Apart from the Control Center, one part of iOS that Apple keeps on changing and improving (arguably) is the Share Sheet. The Share Sheet is what you see when you hit the Share button on your iPhone or iPad. One of the new features that Apple introduced with iOS 13 was the ability to show contacts in the Share Sheet. Depending on who you are …

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How to Lock Focus and Exposure Separately in iOS 14

The stock camera app has got some notable enhancements in iOS 14 including the new exposure compensation value control. You can use this new feature to lock focus and exposure separately on iPhone running iOS 14. Times when you are unable to balance exposure and focus perfectly, the ECV feature can have a role to play in letting you snap desired shots like a pro. …

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How to Limit Third-Party Access to Photos App in iOS 14

Beyond a range of appreciable features, probably the best part about iOS 14 is the enhanced privacy. Be it the better control over tracking, restricting apps’ access to the local network, or preventing apps from having access to your precise location, the latest iteration of iOS appears to be a firm favorite for those who put privacy right at the top. Another feature worth taking …

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How to Use Siri Full Screen on iOS 14

how to use siri full screen by blurring background

With the release of iOS 14, Siri has got all-new UI change which is good looking and has better functionality. Siri no longer occupies whole screen when you invoke it. So, you can continue the work you were doing already. By default, Siri will appear on the top of the current app. And both the current app and Siri will be visible to user. However, …

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How to Add Caption to Photos and Videos in iOS 14

how to add caption to photos and videos on iphone and ipad

Finding some specific photo from your big collection is gruesome task. Specially, when you have a big collection gathered over years and want to look for specific memory. One of the biggest reason for this trouble is default naming convention. Because by default, images are named by date and time format automatically instead of custom names. Also it’s not easy to give custom name to …

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