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How To Sync Files And Photos Between Windows 7 And Your Android SmartPhone Using OneDrive

Synchronization of files using OneDrive is easy in Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10 as they already include OneDrive on them. But in Windows 7 there is no such feature. It means you can neither login to your Microsoft Account on Windows 7 nor you have OneDrive preinstalled on it. Synchronizing Windows 7 files requires installation of OneDrive on it. Luckily, Microsoft provides OneDrive for Windows 7 (Previously known as …

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How To Use Phone Companion In Windows 10 – Sync Photos Between PC and Phone

Using Microsoft Phone Companion, you can synchronize your photos between your PC and your Phone. You can also do many more things using Phone Companion, but in this tutorial we will show you, “how to synchronize photos between Windows 10 PC and Phone.” You can use Windows Phone, Android or iPhone/iPad for synchronization. It is not limited to Windows phone only, Microsoft has made it cross platform for making it …

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