Top 10 Awesome Google Tricks

Google is biggest search engine over the internet. You can find almost everything by searching on Google provides many other services like Gmail, Google+, Google Drive etc. Besides searching on, you can also play some cool tricks on Google like Mirror, Sphere, Tilt Screen, Underwater, Zerg Rush, Barrel Roll, Pacman, Terminal Mode, Gravity and Atari Breakout and many more.

It is really fun to play with Google. Here are top 10 tricks that you can play on Google.

1- Google Mirror Trick

Have you tried Google Mirror? It’s fun to search on Google in mirror mode, whatever you type, it shows as in mirror. Type “google mirror” in search box of and in search suggestions, click on I’m Feeling Lucky>>

After clicking on I’m Feeling Lucky>>, you will see Google like in mirror-

2- Google Sphere Trick

Type “google sphere” in search box and click I’m Feeling Lucky>>

Google will turn to sphere, all the links will rotate around Google search box. Rotation speed changes as you move mouse.

3- Tilt the Screen Trick

Type “tilt” in Google search box, page will tilt automatically.

4- Google Underwater Trick

Type “google underwater” in search box, and click on I’m Feeling Lucky>>

Google search box and button will fall into water. You can also see fish moving in water. If you search in Google underwater, search results will fall into water.

5- Zerg Rush Game Trick

Type “zerg rush” in search box and press Enter.

You will see lots of “O“s will come and eat up all the search results. After eating up all the search results, all “O“s will combine into “G G“. You can shoot these “O“s with mouse. You can also see your score later.

6- Do A Barrel Roll or Z or R Twice Trick

Type “z or r twice” or “do a barrel roll” in search box and press Enter.

Your browser’s screen will rotate after pressing Enter.

7- Play Pac-Man in Google Chrome Trick

search “pacman” in google. And from search results, click on First result showing pacman image.

Now, you can play pacman game by using scroll keys.

8- Google in 1980, Terminal Mode Trick

Type “google in 1980” in search box, and click I’m Feeling Lucky>>

Google will open in command line, and see the rest with your own eyes-

9- Google Gravity Trick

Type “google gravity” in search box and click I’m Feeling Lucky>>

Google logo and search box will fall down. Type anything in search box and press Enter, search results will fall over the search box-

10- Atari Breakout Brick Game Trick

Type “atari breakout” in search box and click I’m Feeling Lucky>>

All the image results will combine to form a brick pattern and a ball will appear with panel. You can use mouse to control the panel. Enjoy, the brick game.

There are more tricks that you can play on Google. Hope you enjoyed these top 10 awesome google tricks. Have fun!

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