Trick: Play Google Chrome’s Official Dinosaur Game For Free

You must have seen an error showing that you are not connected to internet while browsing the internet on Google chrome. That error page contain a little dinosaur on the top and some description below it. Don’t you think that little dino wants to run? Yes, it does. You can play Google Chrome’s official game while you are offline.

This tutorial shows you, how to play Google Chrome’s official Dinosaur Game for free. Just follow these steps, you don’t need any other software but Google Chrome installed on your PC. You can download latest version of Google Chrome from our Download Page.

How To Play Google Chrome’s Official Dinosaur Game For Free?

Step 1

First make sure you are offline. You can make sure by checking in the system tray. You have to make your system offline as this trick works in offline mode only.

Step 2

Now, you are offline. Open Google Chrome.

In Google Chrome, type any web-address in the address bar. Press Enter to go to that webpage.

Step 3

You will see Error Page as you are not connected to internet.

You see that little dino, and an error message below that, “There is no Internet connection“. You can use that little dino to play a game while you are offline. This is a good time pass.

Step 4

To start playing the game, just press UP navigation key on the keyboard, dino will jump and game will start. Press UP key to jump over an obstacles, you can use DOWN key to duck down.

When you hit an obstacle, your game will be over. But you can restart unlimited no. of times, just press UP navigation key or Spacebar on keyboard or click on Restart button on the screen.

Enjoy free dinosaur game while you are offline. You can watch video tutorial below if you have troubles following steps above.

In case you face troubles, comment below! Enjoy, have fun!

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