Unlock/Play Facebook Messenger’s Hidden Chess Game Using Secret Commands

Facebook has moved instant games from Messenger App to Facebook App. Now you can find all the games at following path: Profile > Gaming > Play Games

Facebook has come up with a new feature in it’s messaging app, a Hidden Chess Game. Yes! You can play it using some secret chat box commands. You can play it on Facebook.com on your desktop as well as on your mobile phone using Facebook app or Messenger App. You just have to type in some secret commands to make moves and you can play Chess like you play on board. This tutorial shows how to unlock/play Facebook Messenger’s hidden chess game using secret commands. You don’t need to install any third party app on your phone or your PC to play this free Chess game.

How To Play Facebook Messenger’s Hidden Chess Game Using Secret Commands?

Step 1

First, open Facebook on your PC. select one friend to start game with. Just start conversation with him using Facebook chat. If you are using Messenger app, then just select a friend to play with. In this tutorial I have started a conversation with myself. You can also try this if you are getting bored.

Type @fbchess play to start a chess game. Your opponent usually makes first move.

Step 2

You might want to play Chess on bigger screen, for that you can expand the conversation to full screen using “See full conversation” option.

Now, you have got your chess game on a bigger screen.

Step 3

Now, move any of your Pawns to start the chess game. You have to type command in following format-

@fbchess Pd4


P   – for Pawn, you can select your desired piece.

d4 – destination location for the selected piece.

Full list of commands is available at the bottom of this post.

Step 4

Next, opponent will make a move using same type of commands-

You can also take down opponent’s pieces by moving your pieces over him, just like you do in chess board game.

Same method can be applied to play chess game on your smartphone using Facebook Messenger application.

List of Commands

First, select a piece to move, using K for king, Q for queen, B for bishop, N for knight, R for rook, or P for pawn.

@fbchess play white/blackChoose which color you want to play
@fbchess play white JackChoose color and opponent (Jack), if you are using group chat
@fbchess Pe4Move Pawn to e4 location
@fbchess Nbd2Move Knight from b-file location to d2 location
@fbchess B2xc5Take on location c5 with second rank Bishop
@fbchess e8=QPromote Pawn to Queen
@fbchess 0-0-0 or @fbchess O-OUse this to castle
@fbchess draw claimClaim draw
@fbchess draw offerOffer draw in current position
@fbchess undoOffer an undo of last move
@fbchess resignLeave the current game, opponent will win
@fbchess showShow current position

Hope you like this awesome trick. Have fun with free chess game in facebook messenger on your smartphone or desktop PC. If you face problems comment below!

Facebook has moved instant games from Messenger App to Facebook App. Now you can find all the games at following path: Profile > Gaming > Play Games

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