What Do Hackers Actually Look Like

Here we present some information about famous hackers. If you have passion for ethical hacking, you should be taking a look at the hackers shown below. Meet the hackers-

Patrick Wardle

Age: 32

Sign: Taurus

Favorite cuddly animal: Bunny rabbit.

What can he utterly destroy – but won’t: Can hack your Mac in 10 minutes. In fact, can already hack the unreleased next version of OS X. Seriously.

Yulong Zhang

Age: 26

Sign: Capricorn

Favorite cuddly animal: German Shepherd

What can he utterly destroy – but won’t: Can quietly steal the fingerprint images from hundreds of millions of Android phones.

Chris Domas

Age: 30

Sign: Virgo

Favorite cuddly animal: Pembroke Welsh Corgi

What can he utterly destroy – but won’t: Can kill every computer on an entire company network by typing a single line of code.

Chris Valasek & Charlie Miller

Age: 33, 42

Sign: Gemini, Taurus

Favorite cuddly animal: Their own pets – Ada the rescue mutt, Hacker the Hedgehog.

What can he utterly destroy – but won’t: From a laptop, they can remotely hack and hijack almost every modern Chrysler on the road.

Cool! Aren’t they. Hope you like the post.


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