What’s New In Windows 10 Insider Preview 17074 And 17083

New Windows 10 Insider Preview features.

Here are some recent highlights, including the build where they first appeared. Go to the Windows Insider blog for more details on all the latest Insider Preview builds.

Build 17083

1 Timeline improvements.

We agree with Insiders that deleting multiple activities from Timeline can be cumbersome — so we added the option to delete everything from a given hour or day from the context menu. You can also chose if you want to synch your activities across devices, for greater privacy.

2. A new Font Settings page and fonts in the Microsoft Store.

Preview more font capabilities such as color and variable fonts and grab even more fonts directly from the Microsoft Store.

3. More control over diagnostic data.

The Diagnostic Data Viewer app provides a detailed view of the diagnostic data your device is sending to Microsoft and change how your admin has set the level of data shared.

4. Making Windows Hello setup easier.

Now, you can set up Windows Hello Face, Fingerprint or PIN straight from your lock screen by clicking the Windows Hello tile under Sign-in options.

5. Control which apps access your content.

Set which UWP apps on your PC can access your pictures, videos, or documents folders.

Build 17074

1. Quiet hours.

Choose those times when you don’t want to be bothered by notifications. You can set Quiet Hours to automatically turn on at certain times or when you’re presenting or playing a game. You can also allow priority people to contact you during quiet hours and you can see a summary of what you missed when your quiet hours are over.

2. New reading experience for EPUB, PDF, and Reading View.

We’ve overhauled the look and feel of the reading and Books experiences in Microsoft Edge, including. a pop-up “Notes” menu in Books; grammar tools for EPUB books and Reading View; a full-screen reading experience; the option to auto-fill saved passwords when browsing InPrivate, and more.

3. Autofill credit cards on web forms.

Microsoft Edge can now save and automatically fill your credit card information on payment web forms.

Other Insider news

1. LinkedIn Learning Courses available free to Windows Insiders. Four more on-demand video courses are available free — until March 18, 2018:

2. Windows: Microsoft 365 First Look

3. Business: Time Management: Working from Home

4. Creative: Industrial Design Foundations

5. Technology: GDPR Compliance: Essential Training

6. New Windows Insider podcast. Creators of mixed reality take the spotlight in the newest episode of the Windows Insider Podcast. Listen as Mia Tramz of LIFE VR and Windows Insider, Zach Clark, a veteran of the Iraq War, describe how they are using MR to entertain, educate, and heal. Finally, Dona Sarkar and Spencer Reynolds take us on an exciting tour of Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Capture Studios. Listen to the podcast.

7. The Insiders in Action Contest is back! Does Windows fuel your passion projects? Did it help you launch a business? Spark an invention? Learn a new skill? Tell us how Windows 10 has made you a better entrepreneur, teacher, gamer, artist, author, changemaker, and beyond. Share your story for the chance to be featured on the Windows Insider website! Enter the contest by March 5, 2018.

8. Windows Insiders are doing amazing things. We regularly profile interesting stories about Windows Insiders around the world who make our community so vibrant! Read about one special Insider who we’ll always remember, and find out how another Insider is using HoloLens to train future doctors.

9. Up next on our Windows Insider webcast. A lot of you have been asking for more insights into Cortana. This month, we’ll be hosting the Cortana team to talk about product strategy, features and functionality. We might even get a sneak peek into the future. Tune into our broadcast on March 6 at 10am PST.

10. Check the status of your Language Community app suggestions. Thanks to everyone who has been using the Language Community app to help improve the Windows experience in their native language. You can now check the new Language Community tab in the Feedback Hub to see the status of your suggestion and if it has been selected.

For IT Professionals

1. New Windows Hypervisor Platform API. Microsoft has added an extended user-mode API for third-party virtualization stacks and applications to create and manage partitions at the hypervisor level, configure memory mappings for the partition, and create and control execution of virtual processors. (Build 17085) For further information, see Windows Hypervisor Platform.

2. In-place OS Upgrade now available Windows Server Insider Preview. Customers are now able to upgrade their Windows Server, version 1709 installations to the current preview build using In-place OS Upgrade. This feature also enables customers to perform build-to-build upgrade of the next released preview build..

For Developers

1. Windows Developer Awards 2018. It’s time to submit your nominations for the second annual Windows Developer Awards. This is your chance to recognize developers in the Windows community for their outstanding work over the past year. Nominations cover multiple categories, including gaming, design, mixed reality, commercial apps and more. Don’t miss out on the chance to recognize your favorite developers: submit your nominations today.

2. Windows Template Studio 1.7 released. Key highlights are Visual Basic support and Prism framework! Get more details in our release notes. We love how the community is helping us improve each new build.

You can follow the lead for the Windows Insiders Program, Dona Sarkar, on Twitter @donasarkar. For other updates on the program, including special events and activities, follow on Twitter @windowsinsider.

-from The Windows Insider Team

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