What’s New In Windows 10’s Second Big Anniversary Update

Microsoft has released second big update for Windows 10 after it’s first update in November 2015. This new update is named as “Anniversary Update” but it’s released a bit later than actual anniversary time (July).
In this update Microsoft has made many changes to Windows 10. It has updated almost every part of Windows 10. Anniversary Update is biggest update for Windows 10 so far. If you have not disabled Automatic Updates for Windows 10, you can get this new update by Windows Update. You can also manually download this new update using updater utility provided by microsoft.com.

We have worked hard to prepare the list of changes made to Windows 10. This is a long list of updates and changes, you should really go through this-

1. Fingerprint Authentication to Apps and Websites through Windows Hello

Till now Windows 10 supported logging into your laptop using Fingerprint. But after this Anniversary update, you can login to your Apps and Websites using Fingerprint via Windows Hello.

2. Password-Sharing Feature of Wi-Fi Sense Is Removed

Microsoft has removed Windows 10’s Password Sharing feature of Wi-Fi sense. This feature allowed you to share your Network and their passwords with your Contacts on Facebook, Outlook and Skype. Wi-Fi sense is not completely removed, but it no longer connects you to private Wi-Fi networks and doesn’t offer to share your password with others.

Reason behind failure of this feaure is that Microsoft never explained it properly to the users. Microsoft says only few people used this feature, so it wasn’t worth keeping it.

3. More Advertisements in Start Menu

Anniversary update brings more advertisements in Start Menu. “Suggested apps” shown earlier in Start Menu were 5 and now increased to 10. Microsoft has also reduced number of App tiles shown in Start Menu from 17 to 12.
You can easily uninstall or unpin the tile if it is not downloaded yet and that advertisement will be gone forever. But new Windows 10 PCs are going to have more crowded Start Menu than before.

4. Skype Universal App is Back

After Windows 8 and 8.1 Microsoft discontinued Skype in Windows 10. But in Windows 10 first big update in November 2015, Microsoft came up with three separate applications for Messaging, Phone and Video Calling. Microsoft has now changed it’s mind about those three separate apps. Microsoft has created a Universal Windows version of Skype that has all features of those three separate apps. The Universal Skype preview is now available. This universal Skype app has “messaging everywhere” feature in it. Now you can use Skype to send messages across platforms.

5. Resetting Windows 10 PC has become easier

If your Windows 10 PC isn’t running as expected, you can give it a fresh start by using Recovery Options. You can use “Reset your PC” option and your PC will be reset to Manufacturer’s Default settings. This means all the bloatware that Manufacturer installed on your PC will be back.

In this new “Anniversary Update” you can “Reset you PC” smartly. You can uninstall those bloatware while resetting your PC and get a brand new Windows 10 PC without the junk provided by the manufacturer.

6. Tablet Mode Is More Like Windows 8

Windows 10’s Tablet mode has got some updates too. New improvements make Windows 10’s Tablet mode work more like Windows 8’s Metro interface. In Tablet mode, apps will appear in full screen mode just like in Windows 8. You can anytime toggle between “Tile view” and “List view” of application using options available at the left side of the screen.

You can also set the Taskbar to hide automatically while in “Tablet Mode“. By hiding Taskbar your entire screen will be reserved for currently opened app. You can swipe up from the bottom to show the hidden Taskbar.

7. More Powerful Battery Options

Battery usage’s detailed screen now offers easy control over applications. You can now set for every application if it should run in background or not.
Besides “Always allow in background” and “Never allow in background,” there’s a new “Managed by Windows” option which allows Windows 10 to manage the applications by itself. Windows 10 will manage applications smartly, temporarily turning off applications if they’re using a lot of resources in the background and you don’t appear to be using the applications.

8. Associate Apps with Websites

Windows 10 added another new feature to it’s “Anniversary Update“, i.e. you can associate apps with Websites. It means you can open a website directly in it’s official application instead of opening it in Microsoft Edge.

For example if you are opening Facebook.com on Microsoft Edge, it will automatically open Facebook.com it in Facebook App instead.

9. Connect your phone to your PC without Cable

Windows 10’s new “Connect” Application allows you to connect your Windows 10 phone to your Windows 10 PC. For using this feature, your Windows 10 phone must support Continuum.

This application enables your phone to “Project to PC“. Even PCs with Miracast can also use this feature(Connect Application) to share their screens with other PCs.

10. Smarter Cortana

Biggest update in Windows 10’s “Anniversary Update” is Cortana’s Smartness. The new Cortana makes smarter suggestions for you. If you received email confirmation of flight details, it will automatically add them to calendar. If you promised someone to send him a PowerPoint presentation in an email, Cortana will know, and remind you to send that PowerPoint presentation later on.

If you add an appointment to your calendar, Cortana will check if that appointment overlaps with another one, and asks you to re-schedule one of these overlapping appointments. These are just examples of Cortana’s smartness. It can manage all your tasks, appointments, meeting, outing and many more. Cortana has become truly personal digital assistant without which you can’t enjoy Windows 10 fully.

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