How to Perform ‘Fresh Start’ in Windows 10 after May 2020 Update

Starting with the recent Windows 10 May 2020 Update, Microsoft has removed Fresh Start option. Earlier users could simply use ‘Fresh Start’ option to remove bloatware and third party apps from Windows 10. But, as many users have reported, users trying to access the feature after updating to May 2020 update, were being redirected to the ‘Reset your PC’ option. However, unlike Fresh Start, the Reset your PC option does not remove 3rd party apps.

However, the Fresh Start option hasn’t been removed completely from Windows 10. Looks like, it is only hidden from the GUI, but you can still access it via PowerShell command. The command line utility works the same way as GUI worked. It enables the users to perform a clean re-install of Windows 10 by removing all third-party apps while keeping the user-data intact.

How to Use ‘Fresh Start’ in Windows 10 After May 2020 Update

Step 1

First of all we need to start PowerShell as administrator. You can do so by searching for powershell on start menu and select Run as Administrator.

If you haven’t disabled UAC prompt, you will get a UAC prompt asking for permissions, click on ‘Yes‘ to grant Admin access to the PowerShell Window.

Step 2

Now, type the following command in PowerShell window and press Enter.

systemreset -cleanpc

As soon as you press Enter, the process will start. While the process is supposed to retain all your data, it’s great idea to do a full backup before doing the Fresh Start.

How to Perform ‘Fresh Start’ in Windows 10 via PowerShell

Microsoft has recently started rolling out the Windows 10 May 2020 Update late previous month. This update brings many new features, including a chat-based UI for Cortana, updates to Virtual Desktops and many more.

Above tutorial explained how you can still use Fresh Start in Windows 10 after updating to May 2020 build 2004. The GUI version of Fresh Start has been removed in build 2004 but you can still access it via PowerShell command. Hope you liked the tutorial. In case you have any queries and suggestions, feel free to drop comment down below.

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