Your WhatsApp Account Can Be Hacked In 4 Easy Steps, Watch Out!

Social Media has always been primary target for hackers. It’s a common to hear news about user accounts got hacked by hackers. Specially WhatsApp users are on hacker’s target as they can easily misuse WhatsApp account for their own purpose. Hackers can steal almost all information from your WhatsApp account like, Chats, Photos and Videos and easily misuse them. And if they got your Bank account information from your WhatsApp chats, you are in big trouble.

It takes only 4 steps to hack your account.

An expert hacker can hack any WhatsApp account in 4 simple steps and user wouldn’t even notice that his/her WhatsApp account has been compromised. Once a hacker has taken control of your WhatsApp account, he can do whatever he wishes with your account. Here we are going to tell you what are those 4 steps using which hackers hack user’s WhatsApp accounts

Step 1

Hackers use QR Code to hack WhatsApp accounts. This QR code is used on Desktop PCs to use WhatsApp on PC using WhatsApp Web.

Step 2

Hackers scrap this QR code and post it on their fishing website or on their apps. They also send fishing e-mails to users.

Step 3

Hackers ask the users to scan this QR code with their WhatsApp App on Smartphones. They offer various kinds of prizes and other lucrative offers to fool the users. This usually works with less educated or uneducated people.

Step 4

Once user has scan this QR Code with their WhatsApp on Smartphone, all the information that is available on user’s WhatsApp is now available to hacker. All the Chats, Photos, Audios and Videos are now accessible to the hacker. He can use that information the way he wants. This becomes worse if user has his/her bank account details in WhatsApp chats.

How to Avoid WhatsApp hacking?

WhatsApp users can easily avoid WhatsApp hacking by acting smartly to phishing mails and websites. NEVER EVER SCAN ANY QR CODE WITH YOUR WHATSAPP APP ON YOUR PHONE UNLESS YOU ARE USING WHATSAPP ON YOUR OWN PC USING WHATSAPP WEB. WhatsApp users are strongly advised not to reply mails from any unknown person specially when they ask you to scan some kind of QR code.
In case you have already scanned the code, you can still save your WhatsApp account by logging out WhatsApp web from all the computers using your Smartphone. Open WhatsApp on your phone, and go to Options > WhatsApp Web. If you are logged in from any computer, you will see details of that computer and an option to logout from all the computers. Tap on “Logout from all computers“.

You will see a confirmation message, click “Log out” to continue. After logging out, your WhatsApp account is safe. Share this information among your friends to help them against WhatsApp hackers. Enjoy!

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